Novice and experienced rowers continue off-season training


Senior Tyler Kim ergs during eighth period crew conditioning.

Senior captain Deanna Buttaro ergs during eighth period crew conditioning.

While the spring crew season is still months away, many rowers have already begun attending eighth period B-block conditioning sessions on top of their workouts at home.

In and around Gym 2, experienced rowers prepare for winter training and the spring season by erging, doing core workouts and running.

Freshmen and novices are also invited to the eighth period blocks. They can join returning rowers in workouts and learn about crew from rowers and Coach Jo-Ann Muir.

“We do a lot of abs workouts so it’s really good for any sport in general,” freshman Ryan Gottwald said.

A number of experienced rowers participate in the Northern Virginia Rowing Club fall program, which brings together students from various high schools, and use the eighth period blocks as extra training time for the program.

“Rowers from other schools can get to the river earlier for practice because they get out of school earlier. I’m using this eighth period opportunity to do that except at school,” junior Virginia Wordsworth said. “And for TJ crew, anything you do in the off season makes your spring season faster.”