Eighth period off to an exciting start


Students attend the Model United Nations interest meeting.

Yesterday marked the beginning of eighth period activities. For freshmen and froshmores, the experience was new, but for every student, the first day of this unique Jefferson experience provided opportunities to explore special interests and make lasting commitments for the year to come.

“We didn’t have anything like it in middle school,” freshman Rohini Sarkhel said. “Eighth period lets us go to many clubs and see if we are interested in them.”

The first several eighth period sessions give students the chance to visit a number of interest meetings. While most clubs hosted these meetings, some of the most filled  blocks were competition-based organizations like debate, Model United Nations (MUN) and Science Olympiad.

“I’ve always been interested in debate and several upperclassmen told me it’s a lot of fun,” freshman Cheryl Mensah said, “so I thought eighth period would be a perfect time for me to try something new. Who knows? I might be good at it.”