Holdren presents future of science


Principal Evan Glazer presents a gift to Dr. Holdren.

John Holdren, assistant to President Obama for science and technology and director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, addressed the entire student body on Sept. 12 during eighth period. Seniors got to hear him live in the auditorium while the other classes watched his presentation streamed live to their classrooms.

The presentation, entitled “Science, Technology and Innovation for Your Future, Your Country’s and the World’s,” addressed a range of topics involving science and technology, from future challenges such as understanding the brain and cancer therapies to the decision to end the shuttle program.

Holdren explained his responsibilities in advising the president as well as his personal history as a professor at UC Berkeley and Harvard University.   His decision to speak to the student body was influenced by Texan congressman John Culberson, whose daughter, sophomore Caroline, attends Jefferson.

“Dr. Holdren’s work as a scientist, professor, and public policy expert embodies the TJ spirit of STEM exploration and innovation,” SGA President Alison Chou said.  “He was very impressed with our research labs, and it was incredible to hear someone who truly does have a huge influence in the science and technology of space speak to our students.”