Eighth period changes take effect

Students returning to school on Sept. 4 will find a number of changes to the eighth period system. Most immediately visible is the renovation location for the eighth period office, moved into Room 134.

The anchor day block, formerly restricted to academic activities, can now be spent on any club or activity because students weren’t taking advantage of available study halls and other academic activities.

“The freedom allows students to pursue a leadership opportunity that they may not have had time for with the academic restriction,” junior Rachel Iwicki said.

Stickies, activities that teachers can require students to attend, are now offered not just on Monday A, but on Wednesday B blocks as well.

“We felt that if we were taking away a mandatory academic period, a good trade off for that would be to add more supports for the students who really need it by allowing teachers to offer stickies,” Agee said.

Students will be notified of eighth period absences via the email addresses they list on Intranet. Those who have three or more absences during first semester or five or more during second semester will be required to attend Lost & Found Club, which will be held once a month on dates that will now be advertised ahead of time.

Those in Lost & Found Club multiple times are required to attend Saturday School.

“We had so many students for whom Lost and Found was not a consequence,” Agee said. “Saturday School is another way to motivate students.”

This article was originally published in the print version of tjTODAY.