Teams battle for Final Four in JDay basketball tournament


Juniors Nick Bayya and Sean Waterton play defense against sophomore Keshav Rao.

Gym 2 resonates with cheers and playful heckling as the J-Day May Madness Basketball Tournament approaches final eliminations. The teams have been battling it out on the courts since last Tuesday, with each team trying to make their way into the Final Four and their fans watching and cheering hopefully.

Seniors Helen Hastings and Ashley Jhu and junior Sam Hoegle have been working hard on the sidelines to coordinate the tournament and the May Madness brackets.

“Hype is a mere understatement. The crowd for J-Day basketball has never been this large. I think the addition of the May Madness promotion has definitely attributed to the fan base,” Jhu said. “We are also very impressed with all of the creative team uniforms we’ve been seeing this year.”

Games will continue to take place during lunch this week on Tuesday and Thursday. The Final Four will play for the title of J-Day champions this Friday during J-Day.