Globe-hopping is possible on Around the World Embassy Tour


Imagine hopping from Turkey to Belize, to Japan and back to Washington, D.C. all in an hour. Then continue on to Chad, the Bahamas and Indonesia. While this may seem impossible, it is completely reasonable during Passport DC.

Sponsored by Cultural Tourism DC in conjunction with the government of the District of Columbia and other sponsors, Passport DC is a month-long exploration of all cultures of the world, with various events occurring throughout the month of May. The Around the World Embassy Tour began the month on May 5, with more than 40 embassies, from Australia to Venezuela.

“I think it is a really unique experience that helps make Americans more culturally aware.” said freshman Sam Cadd, who visited 10 embassies on May 5. “It was great to see so many cultures represented in such a small area, and to be able to experience different aspects of each one.”

During the Around the World Embassy Tour, cultural performances, regional food, and regional handicrafts, among other things, could be found at the various embassies. African buffets were found in Côte d’Ivoire and Botswana, while traditional Muay Thai boxing was presented at the Royal Thai Embassy in Georgetown.

Similar experiences can be expected from the next major event in the month, Shortcut to Europe, on May 12. Visitors will be able to learn about the 27 member nations of the European Union while tasting their food and witnessing various presentations.

Other events throughout the month include foreign film screenings, international concerts, exhibitions and the Fiesta Asia Street Fair, the Asia Heritage Foundation’s annual festival with various outdoor activities and traditional food.

For more information about Passport DC and the various events occurring throughout the month of May, click here.