“Stress Less, Laugh More” initiative proves successful


Students practice different yoga positions during the sponsored 8th period event.

Last week, the effects of impending AP tests could be seen throughout the halls. With most students burying their noses in their review books, stress was obvious on their tired faces.

Then, bright green buttons appeared on almost every student and faculty member. “Laugh More” became the week’s theme.  From Monday to Friday, Angry Birds and other cartoon characters bopped in and out of classrooms. Slowly, the mood got noticeably lighter.

The “Stress Less, Laugh More” campaign was started by the organization Active Minds, which is dedicated to putting a spotlight on mental health issues affecting college campuses. In partnership with the Josh Anderson Foundation , the campaign took place at three local high schools; Langley, McLean and here atJeffersonwith the help of  school psychologist Greg Myers, as well as juniors Allison Chou, Saniya Suri and sophomore Nisha Swarup.

“It’s definitely about lightening the mood and laughing more, but it’s also about teaching the TJ community about how to find help if they need it,” Myers said.

In addition to buttons and birds, special activities included an eighth period yoga lesson.

“The yoga was a large success. We hope to continue it once a quarter at the least because it is a great way to de-stress.” Swarup said.