From the graduating class of 1991 to her 14 years as a Chemistry teacher, Ashley Jones marks her 18th year at TJ this year. In her role as a mentor in guiding students across academic challenges, Jones has formed her own philosophy that focuses on assisting others toward their goals.

Success is linked to helping other people feel valued and empowered and like theyre moving toward their goals. I think those were the reasons why teaching appealed to me, Jones said. A lot of people in my life have done that for me, both family members and formers teachers. I dont think any one of us has reached the summit that we could reach at any given time; this is a continuous journey where you figure out what your weaknesses are and what your strength are and hop to build on that the strengths and manage the areas in which you are weak.

Challenging My Comfort Zone

MiJin Cho, Sci-Tech Section Editor
March 16, 2018
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