College and Career Center Specialist retires


Laurie Kobick finishes her last year in the College and Career Center

Laurie Kobick has been central to the College and Career Center, helping students navigate the confusing world of internships, jobs and scholarships. After 12 years of aiding students in their pursuit of higher education, Kobick has decided to leave Jefferson.

Kobick will remember her time here fondly and is glad she was able to help students for so long.

“I’ve worked with so many students,” Kobick said. “I love it when alumni come back from college, and either I helped them get into their college or I gave them advice they are using.”

Kobick is proud of her many accomplishments, especially the TJ Alumni Career Fair, in which alumni who graduated six years before come in to talk to current students about their careers.

“Those connections have really helped many students,” Kobick said.

Kobick doesn’t know what she is going to do next, but she wants to keep working in the college admissions field.

“I have loved my job as the college and career center specialist. It’s very hard to leave working with the students at TJ. I’ve enjoyed helping them find scholarships, summer internships and develop post-secondary planning.”