Spanish teacher Ellen Whitten retires


A key-stone of the language department, Ellen Whitten has decided to retire to spend time with her husband and travel to South America.

“I’m looking forward to gardening at home and traveling in depth with my husband,” Whitten said.  “He would like to learn Spanish immersion style.”

Whitten originally worked part- time, before becoming a full time teacher in the department.  She has also sponsored Spanish Honor Society, National Honor Society and Jewish Culture Club.

“It’s been an absolute joy being a part of the TJ community, and I’m grateful for such a supportive staff,” Whitten said.

Whitten’s students feel she’s unforgettable.

“Señora Whitten was by far the toughest teacher I’ve ever had. She also taught me more than almost any other teacher. Her rigorous instruction methods allowed me to learn more Spanish this year than I have in the last two,” freshman Ricky Hage said. “I’ll miss her.”