Original faculty member retires


Whether it’s directing students in hands-on exercises in the physics hall, chaperoning dances or supervising club members at the ever-burgeoning Techstravaganza annual event, Jim Rose is a presence around campus.

“Teaching was what I always wanted to do. This seemed like the ‘me’ thing to do,” Rose said.

Rose originally worked at Jefferson as the Energy Systems senior technology lab director.  However, in the mid-1990’s he switched to teaching physics. This year marks his 41st year of being a teacher.

“It’s been harder to cover the same material each year, but generally, students at Jefferson are more interested and more willing to do the homework. Though it’s not an elective, they are also generally more receptive and do well in the course,” Rose said.

Rose’s retirement itself comes as a result of a combination of factors.

“I’ve had issues with my back for two years, as well as getting more tired. I always want to make things interesting, but the renovation next year would make things especially hard to get through,” Rose said.

Rose plans on staying in the area. Always a reader, he also plans on exploring the electronic online libraries on his Kindle Fire in his free time.

“Teaching is what I like to do. The best experience is always when you see a kid’s eyes light up and understanding dawns, and you always remember when a student says ‘thank you,’” Rose said.