Freshmen visit the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History


Freshmen in Biology teacher Sonia Del Cerro’s IBET traveled to the Natural History Museum, in Washington, D.C., on June 4. The purpose of the trip was to learn more about and extend the previous unit on human evolution.

Students visited various exhibits throughout the day. Exhibits of focus were “How Do We Know?” “Climate and Survival,” “Milestones in Human Evolution,” “Human Family Tree” and “Primate Heritage.” After visiting these, students were free to explore the museum on their own and visit other interesting exhibits.

Students analyzed biological evidence for human evolution and completed activities related to their English and technology classes. The students’ English assignment was to either devise a social experiment or write a Shakespearean sonnet. Their technology assignment was to investigate ancient tools used by human ancestors.

One student, Daniel Oh, devised an experiment to ask strangers for directions.

“I had a lot of fun at the museum with my friends. I definitely enjoyed the break from all the schoolwork,” Oh said.