Katherine Du
A senior at Jefferson, Katherine is in her fourth year of working on the newsmagazine staff. As Editor-in-Chief, she manages the tjTODAY staff, reports for the website and magazine publications, designs pages in the magazine, and guides the journalists in creating content. Katherine joined tjTODAY because she found it to be a way in staying involved with the TJ community while bringing out the unique qualities and candid reactions of fellow students. She first became involved in journalism when writing news for her middle school paper. Outside of journalism, Katherine is a member of the Science Olympiad team. She is also a lead facilitator for Kid's Are Scientists Too (KAST), a program dedicated to teaching STEM-based concepts to elementary school students. After high school, Katherine would like to pursue an interdisciplinary career in computational biology and English, as well as travel the world.

Katherine Du, Editor-in-Chief

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