Will Cho
The crowd starts cheering as the Thomas Jefferson Colonials football team makes a successful offensive push. Of the ones cheering, the cheerleaders are the loudest, of course. Red, white, and blue pom-poms are waving and feet are flying in the air as the cheerleaders provide the moral support necessary for any sporting event. One of these cheerleaders is Will Cho, and he has been a part of the cheer team since sophomore year.

Will is one of the most bubbly and funny people you will meet at TJ, and his personality carries across in everything he does, including deciding to take Broadcast Journalism as a senior at TJ. Will is very excited to see what broadcast will have in store for him, and he hopes to leave his own mark on the Video Morning Announcements program at TJ.

In his free time, Will enjoys watching Netflix and jamming out to emo music. As Will starts his senior year at TJ, he hopes to study law, somewhere along the West Coast, in the near future.

Will Cho, Broadcast

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