Ananda Kalukin
Click, pause, snap. And Ananda Kalukin’s heart flies as free as the Ruby-Crowned Kinglet he photographed a few seconds ago. From that moment on, Kalukin felt irresistibly drawn to bird photography, snapping tens of thousands of photos ever since he was nine years old. Now a freshman at Jefferson, Kalukin is a staff writer for tjTODAY who enjoys playing video games and bird-watching in his spare time. In addition to that, he runs a youtube channel called the Blue Ocelot that features tutorials for various video games. Having lived in Arlington, VA, his entire life, he aspires to be a doctor in the future or involved in a career associated with the biomedical field. At the moment, he hopes to be a part of many different stories at tjTODAY.

Ananda Kalukin, Staff Writer

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